Sports Massage

sports massage NottinghamSports massage isn’t just for athletes! It consists of deep tissue massage techniques which stretch, mobilise and manipulate the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body. These remedial massage techniques are suitable for both sports people and non-athletes alike and can help muscle aches and pains in all of us!

Sports massage uses a variety of techniques to:

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Assist in the removal of metabolic waste
  • Increase or decrease muscle tone and length
  • Remodel and break down scar tissue
  • Assist in mental preparation for upcoming events

You do not need to be a sportsperson to benefit from a sports massage. The treatment can also help relieve many day to day problems such as repetitive strain injury, sprains, tension and fatigue.

For athletes and sports people, a sports specific massage can be beneficial at various stages of participation, including:

  • The conditioning / training phase
  • Pre and post competition
  • Post travel
  • To aid both injury prevention and recovery

Regardless of your experiences in sport or exercise, whether you exercise socially or compete to an international level – sports massage could help you. Why not book a sports massage now?